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Welcome to Tequestrian Farms

The union of exceptional breeding with a remarkable development program has quickly catapulted Tequestrian to the top echelons of performance internationally.

We are a boutique breeder of just a few exceptional foals annually, we then add to these homebreds carefully selected purchased jumper prospects. Our hands-on program for babies, our young jumper development, and our training and show programs are carefully attuned to crafting your next world-class horse.

If you are looking for such a horse, our sales division offers a select number of competitive horses both in the United States and Europe. Please feel free to contact us at our office (847) 382-4477.

Tequestrian. The nature and nurture of high performance.

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[content_box title=”News & Results” icon=”fa-trophy” image=”” link=”http://teq.horseflydigital.com/category/news/” linktext=””]Follow Tequestrian horses and international rider Lauren Tisbo in the news. Read our latest press releases, and see competition results.[/content_box]
[content_box title=”Calendar” icon=”fa-calendar” image=”” link=”http://teq.horseflydigital.com/calendar/” linktext=””]Interested in seeing our horses in person, or coming to watch our riders compete? Check our calendar to find out where Tequestrian will be.[/content_box]
[content_box title=”Contact Us” icon=”fa-envelope” image=”” link=”http://teq.horseflydigital.com/contact-us/” linktext=””]We are always happy to hear from you. Drop  us a line and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.[/content_box]

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19/10/2016 ; Tryon NC ; Tryon Fall 5 CSI5* ; 4258, MR. VISTO, LAUREN TISBO ; welcome classic ; gallery ; Sportfot

Mr. Visto at Tryon Fall 5 CSI5* in 2016 with Lauren Tisbo. Photo by Sportfot.

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Meet Tequestrian Rider, Lauren Tisbo

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Lauren Tisbo is one of the United States· top young stars of show jumping with an impressive list of major accomplishments throughout North America. Raised in Barrington, ILLinois, Tisbo is now a resident of Wellington, Florida where she rides for her family’s Tequestrian Farms. She got her first horse at the age of 12, and focused on equestrian sport in her late teens, training and competing in the Chicago area. Lauren’s determination and drive have served her well Having trained with some of the world’s best during her development, Lauren herself is now a respected competitor at the top level of the sport. In 2016, Lauren posted impressive results in World Cup and Grand Prix competitions with Mr. Visto, Entre Nous and Coriandolo Di Ribano sharing in these top finishes:
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  • 13th International Bromont World Cup Table A
  • 3rd $216,000 American Gold Cup at Old Salem
  • 7th $130,000 Presidents World Cup 1.60m in Washington D.C.
  • 10th $250,000 CP National World Cup 1.60m in Lexington, KY
  • 3rd International Bromont CSI2* Grand Prix
  • 4th $1 Million Grand Prix CSI5* in Saugerties
  • 1st $100,000 Hudson Valley Jumper Classic
  • 3rd $380,000 CSI5* Rolex FEI Grand Prix in Tryon, NC

Lauren graduated from Lake Forest College in 2006, with a degree in communications and a double minor in business and sociology/anthropology. She can often be seen doing PR at show jumping venues sponsored by Suncast.

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View the Tequestrian Horses

From up and coming developing horses, to our roster of competition horses, we also offer a select few sale horses. Go to our full horses page to learn more.

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