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Our difference is your next champion.

To be a consistent world-class performer is a game of degrees. Did your horse’s sire and dam each add a 1/2 percent more ability than other parents may have done? Did the foal receive optimal nutrition both in-uetero and during the growing years? Was he or she started lightly, correctly, and at exactly the right time, with planned stages of time to work and time to growth spurt in a pasture, until ready to hit the show circuit? Has veterinarian, farrier, and daily care been minutely managed to the highest standard?

These tiny degrees of excellence, taken collectively, is what allows not only elite athletes to be developed, but also to be developed consistently time and again. And it’s just this union of exceptional breeding with a remarkable program that creates exceptional athletes, sound of mind and body, and willing partners in your international goals.

Tequestrian Farms is a boutique breeder of just a few top-shelf babies annually, adding to our homebreds carefully selected purchased jumper prospects. Our backing program for babies, our young jumper development, and our training and show programs are carefully attuned to crafting world-class horses. If you are looking for such a horse, our sales division offers a select number of competitive horses both in the United States and Europe.

Our horses are ridden by our own Lauren Tisbo, along with respected professionals such as Dietmar Gugler and David O’Brien.

Our Friends and Sponsors

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Our current competition horses.